Intellectual property

Intellectual property is an important part of human existence as it has been known and acknowledged for more than 500 years. The first patent act dates back to the year 1474 when a Venetian republic requested applications for novel inventions in order to protect them from counterfeiting. Since then intellectual property protection has developed and now represents one of the pillars for successful business and progress.

The word “intellectual property” covers all products which have been created by human intellect and thought. Because it is widely present in a variety of fields, it cannot be generalized; therefore it is divided into copyright and industrial property, while the latter is further divided to patens, designs, trademarks, geographical indications and supplementary protection certificates.

Protect your intellectual property!

Protect your intellectual property! Your company will experience many benefits, including:

  • Preventing competition to copy or mimic the products or services of the proprietor;
  • Preventing unnecessary investing in research and development as well as marketing;
  • Creating a corporate identity;
  • Improving the negotiation position;
  • Increasing the market value of the company;
  • Improving the financial status of the company;
  • Evaluation of research and development activities as well as the performance of employees and the company.

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