Copyright is a special protection of rights belonging to the author of his/her work. They have a monopole nature and limit the use of the author’s work without his/her permission. Copyright protects all works from the fields of literature, science, art and belongs to the author based on the creation of the art. Apart from the protection of classic works, computer programs and databases are also covered by the Copyright and Related Rights Act. In contrast to industrial property (patents, designs and trademarks) registration of works as such is not required, but can be useful in case of disputes.

Copyright protection

The USA has a different practice regarding copyright and according to their law registration of works is required. The symbol © for copyright, sometimes written as (c), stems from the American system, however, its use is not obligatory.

The duration of copyright is limited. In the case of natural persons, they are valid from the creation of the work and last for 70 years after the death of the person. In the case of unknown authors or legal persons, the duration is 70 years after creation.

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